As the Covid-19 Pandemic continues to surge through our communities, more children are unable to go outside to play with friends, go to each other’s houses, or just “hang out” after school.  We are looking for a way to encourage these children without using “screen time.”  HALO would like to offer the children in elementary school  gift bags containing a small toy, or activity, a single serving snack item that’s individually wrapped, and a note of encouragement to remind them that Hope Always Lives On!  We are anticipating reaching 900-1,000 children in these schools.  We are reaching out to these children especially because they are struggling to learn and to live.  These children want to learn, want to go to school, and simply want to be kids.  We are trying offer some joy and hope to kids in need of it. We would be grateful for your support.



Thank you to the many volunteers and generous supporters who donated items for disaster relief, inventoried, and packaged them.  we were able to send a 53 foot truck filled with furniture, household items, personal hygiene products, clothes, school supplies, toys and makeup to Immokalee FL! A team of students flew down to help pass out these donations to those who were devastated by Hurricane Irma.  Together with your help, we can continue to offer assistance to such people and ensure that “Hope Always Lives On!”




 Texas and Florida


The HALO Foundation raised funds and gathered supplies to aid the families affected by hurricanes Harvey and Irma in 2017. The donations were inventoried, packed, and sent in a timely manner. Thanks to the generosity of many contributors in Northeast Ohio, this was a very successful drive. 



The drive to aid West Virginia was so successful that HALO was able to send additional donations to communities in Louisiana. Many parts of the state were devastated by flooding in August of 2016. The young adults of Theology on Tap Akron also partnered with Gifts of Joy to collect toys for children of all ages. The toys were then shipped to displaced children in Baton Rouge. 


West Virginia


In June of 2016, West Virginia experienced severe flooding. The floods destroyed hundreds of homes and did significant damage to hundreds more. In response, HALO rallied students from Ohio schools to collect donations for the victims. The donations included family “starter” kits, school supplies, vinyl upholstery, building supplies, and lumber. The students gathered everything in 18-gallon plastic totes. The totes were sent to West Virginia University along with six additional vehicles full of donations from a separate drive.

HALO then sent a team of 12 college student volunteers to Clendenin, West Virginia. Clendenin is a small city nestled outside of Charleston that was hit hard by the flooding. The volunteers partnered with the Church of the Nazarene in Clendenin, working with local families to repair two houses. 

The students were greatly moved by the experience: many had never seen a natural disaster before, let alone taken part in helping deal with the aftermath. Their aid, along with the supplies, enabled those affected to recover more quickly—and was greatly appreciated.

Disaster Relief