Today marks the one year anniversary since Hurricane Sandy hit and caused devastating destruction to the east coast of the United States. Residents of New York and New Jersey suffered unimaginable losses and flood damage that caused many families to leave their homes.

Last spring, The HALO Foundation of Akron, Ohio, organized and carried out a drive, with the support of the community and student leaders, to aid families impacted by Hurricane Sandy. The HALO Foundation was able to fill two semi trucks with over 350 totes, many of which included personal notes encouragement written by the local, concerned senior citizens and student helpers. The HALO Foundation’s effort was a huge success, but an alarming amount of families are still suffering from the aftermath of the Hurricane.

The HALO Foundation will continue their effort and support by orchestrating a second shipment of donations just in time for the holidays. The HALO Foundation hopes to bring joy to those affected by Hurricane Sandy this Christmas season! Please check back for further information on how you can get involved. Thank You!