After sending the semi down to Mississippi, we received the following letter in return:

To all Akron Residents;

To all you wonderful folks in the chilly but calm North from the relatively warm but sort of windblown South, greeting and thanks. We have had some relief supplies delivered prior the truck form HALO, but this was a real eye popper when the door went up. Over 500 Rubbermaid totes packed full and labeled each with a special note from a school child. The HALO Foundation, a small group of obviously dedicated indivuduals with lots of friends had sent clothing, bedding, food, cleaning supplies, baby items, and assorted toys, including 18 bicycles. We were told that local nursing homes made quilts, many families laundered the donated clothing and purchased new items to add to the toes. This certainly was in answer to our prayers and definitely was the result of a serious commitment and prayers by te many parents, school children, and teachers who worked together to assemble this load.

All this was initiated by a chance encounter in Akron between a grand daughter of one of our shall we say very determined prayerful parishioners and one of the HALO people. We have all been blessed by this intervention and certainly hope that some avenues of communication have been established that will continue.

We hope that y’all will continue in your prayers for the many down here, especially those closer to the coast who have in many cases only a pad where their home used to be.


St. Lucy Mission Church
Lucedale, Mississippi