The 2021 Wings of Charity Gala was a huge success. There are so many people to thank for such a blessed evening! We would like to thank the Beamers, David and Peggy, for traveling to Ohio to speak at our event. While in town, they visited St. Vincent/St. Mary High School, and talked to the students there about leadership and faith and why doing the right thing can be so difficult. We would like to thank the Boomers! for providing us with live entertainment at the event. They are a great musical duo that plays everything from the 50’s through today’s music. We would like to thank Gretchen Wellemeyer for her musical talents. Her voice is beautiful, and when she sang “Oh America” to close out the evening, everyone was in awe! Thank you to our supporters. Without you, we would not exist. Thank you for believing in us and and what we do. Our programs will continue, and the story of Flight 93 and the lessons of September 11, 2001 will NEVER be forgotten.